Leather and Silver Jewellery

Pieces made by the commission in a variety of colours. Necklace leather and silver $290 Ring Silver and leather $320 Earrings Silver and Leather $220   Image by Fingers gallery  

Folded leather works

Folded leather necklaces are available on commission as they have no fastening, each one is personal to the wearer in length and thickness. This simple style is most popular as it is a lovely layering component and sits nicely on the body. The folding process was developed over the Handshake project where I worked on…

Recycled Metal

When I start making with metal, I prefer to recycle, enjoying the stories it has already created. Looking forward to giving it a new life and the metal giving my new piece a shadow of the past. I try to make minimal jewellery pieces out of metal so as not to distract the eye from…


I added new objects to my installation of jewellery and objects in the recent group exhibition “Practitioners” at the Fluid gallery in Queenstown New Zealand. I wanted to remind the viewer that the jewellery was for the body by placing it on leather pillows or the silver tray that could easily be in many homes….

Horse​ hair and Silver beads.

Collaboration with Warwick Freeman and Jessica Winchcombe 2016 Earrings Silver Horse hair and silver beads. Artists Private collection N.F.S Image by Paul Green  

“Not made in Fiji”

Collabiration with Jessica Winchcombe  and  Warwick Freeman 2013 “Not made in Fiji” Horse hair , pearls and paint. In the artist’s private collection N.F.S Image by Paul Green

Folded Silver

Folding silver, in the same way, I have been folding leather is a nice transition. The pieces are 4mm square. This one is a brooch now in a personal collection. I currently have a collection of earrings in this body of work available in Fingers Gallery Auckland Prices start from $160 -360 for the silver…

Folded Abstract

This neckpiece really comes alive on the body it is bold and energetic. Now showing in The National Christchurch. $1300 1/1  


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